These photos were provided by the descendants of Elizabeth Haynes née Rudge, the sister of Thomas Rudge the Sculptor. They date from about 1890. Two of the photos are of Elizabeth Haynes née Rudge. One features the Tewkesbury Abbey Rudge family Tomb. The Boy featured in four of the photos might be John Edmund Rudge the brother of Elizabeth and Thomas. The photo of the adult Thomas Rudge (Scuptor) is taken from a 1917 or 1919 magazine article and has been included for comparison. Please leave a guest book comment if you can identify any of the unknown photos.

P1 4.2 Elizabeth "Bessie" Haynes née Rudge 


 P2 4.2 Elizabeth "Bessie" Haynes née Rudge


 P3 Tewkesbury Abbey. Rudge Family Tomb.

 P4 4.2 Thomas Rudge (sculptor). Image taken from magazine article.


P4a Boy (with hand next to ear) A1 possibly 4.1 John Edmund Rudge

 P5 Boy (with riding whip) A1 possibly 4.1 John Edmund Rudge

 P6 Boy A1 possibly 4.1 John Edmund Rudge


P7 Boy (sitting, wearing overcoat) A1 possibly 4.1 John Edmund Rudge


 P8 Woman with fan


 P9 Woman with book


 P10 Man with moustache



P11 Painting, man with white wig and quill pen.


 P12 Cameo of a man